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How To Choose The

Right Divorce Lawyer

You never dreamed that you would ever need to know how to choose the right divorce lawyer. No one does. It's a sad reality that faces many people and it's important that you do due diligence before you make your final decision. As you gear up to go through one of the most difficult and draining times of your life, it's essential that you choose the right divorce lawyer so that you can end your marriage with as little hassle as possible, and without losing much money or too many possessions during the process. Here are five tips on how to choose the right divorce lawyer:

Do a thorough search by looking in the phone book, searching online and asking family, friends and colleagues for personal recommendations. You can also talk to lawyers and other professionals who you know to get a referral.

Select a lawyer who specializes in matrimonial law. Diversity is a good thing in many areas of life, but when choosing a lawyer to handle your divorce, you want someone who knows divorce law, and divorce law only.

Find out the the fees of the lawyers who make your list. Your budget will, in part, dictate which lawyer you end up with. Before you get too far in, weed out the ones who aren't in your price range. Most lawyers charge an hourly rate in addition to a retainer for using their services.

Interview several candidates. You're going to trust this person to handle all of the legal matters, so you want to make sure that they are easy to get along with, helpful and competent. If you leave a voice mail message asking for an interview, but you don't hear back for a week, or you get a rude reply, that's a sign that you should keep on looking.

Meet with their support staff. You aren't the lawyer's only client, so he or she will have assistant doing a lot of the ground work. Have a chat with them after you have a consultation with the lawyer to see how good of a working relationship there is in the office.

Once you've gone through your options, follow your instincts. If you felt that you really hit it off with one lawyer in particular, choose them, even if their fees aren't the lowest. As you go through the divorce process, you'll be sharing lots of personal information, and it's a very emotional time for you, so you want to be working with someone with whom you feel comfortable.