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California Divorce Lawyer

Many people believe that as California is a community property state, everything that is owned by the divorcing couple is evenly split. Fifty/fifty - no problem. These folks are wrong. Dealing with community property is a thicket of problems that are best left to an experienced California divorce lawyer to deal with.
Common Community Property Issues
Some community property is easy to determine. Investments purchased during the marriage are community property; such as a boat or artwork.
But, what if one spouse owned a home that both lived in after the marriage and community funds were used to pay for improvements and the mortgage? How do you figure that out?
What if one spouse earned a degree while being supported by the other spouse, whose income was also used to pay for tuition? How is that valued?
Perhaps there is a small business that is owned by one of the spouses but marital money was used to create it. Where does that fit in?
Often, what at first seems easy in a divorce turns out not to be. Engaging an experienced California divorce lawyer is the best way to get the correct answers to these questions and protect your legal rights when a judge issues the final divorce decree.  
Child Custody and Support Issues
Frequently, couples agree to share physical custody of the child, this means that children from the marriage spend nearly an equal amount of time with both parents; however, this isn't always possible. Where the child goes to school may be a barrier; one parent may have a job a great distance away, or a parent has been abusive. In these cases, the interests of the child take priority over any other issues. The court will make a decision on who has sole physical custody based on several factors. If there are child custody issues during a divorce proceeding, protect your child's interests as well as your own by hiring a knowledgeable California divorce lawyer.
If one spouse has sole or primary physical custody of a child, the court may order that both parents have an equal say in decisions about medical care, schooling and the like. Also the court will attempt to make sure that appropriate visitation is given to the non-custodial parent.
California uses a very complex mathematical formula to determine child support. Under California law the guideline is rarely deviated from, though a judge may do so. Your California divorce lawyer knows how the formula works and will work on your behalf to make sure that the appropriate amount of child support is calculated.
Spousal Support (Alimony)
California law has moved away from alimony for life. Today, the court looks at the earning potential of spouses, the standard of living the couple enjoyed, child custody, length of marriage, employment and wage potential, age and other factors. Alimony is to be used as a bridge in most situations for the spouse to reenter the single world.
If the parties cannot agree about alimony the court will then impose it judgment based on the above factors. Alimony negotiations can be contentious, it is always best to have your California divorce lawyer represent you in these situations.
A failed marriage does not mean that as a spouse you are a failure. Marriages are long-term commitments. Often, circumstances beyond your control shape your relationship. Our understanding California divorce lawyers are willing to fight for you to retain your rights, dignity and preserve your relationship with your child. Contact us now by visiting