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Cheap Divorce Lawyers

There are several things to consider when hiring cheap divorce lawyers. Although you may have an uncontested divorce and the settlement seems simple, you need a lawyer who is in good standing and will spend the needed time on your case. Before hiring a divorce lawyer, check online to find someone who comes from a reputable law firm and whose office is close to where the case will be heard.

Many cheap divorce lawyers charge a flat fee for different types of divorce. If the case is uncontested and the parties have already settled on the division of assets, the rate should be inexpensive. If there are children involved, the rate will go up and if there is a dispute about child custody, alimony, or who is responsible for joint bills, the fee will also increase. When choosing an attorney based on a flat rate fee, make sure to read over the contract carefully and understand all of the expenses involved.

Some lawyers also charge an hourly fee. There are ways to save money with this type of arrangement and it may actually be less expensive than a flat rate. First, deliver all correspondence to the attorney in person. You can also personally take documents to court which will save money on a courier service. In addition, when you get documents from your soon to be ex-spouse, make copies and take them to your attorney to save the time and expense of contacting the opposing party. Choosing an attorney whose office is close to the courthouse will also save money in time and travel expenses. Take all of these things into consideration when choosing the best lawyer for your case.

Other questions you may want to ask your divorce lawyer is how long they have been practicing law and whether he is insured. Before making an appointment, find out if there is a fee for the initial consultation and if there is, how much will it cost and what is the time frame. Ask about the average fee for a divorce with similar circumstances. You may also want to bring a list of questions you have that are specific to your situation. If the lawyer is able to answer your questions and seems to truly want to help you, this may be the attorney for you.

Finally, many cheap divorce lawyers may be willing to negotiate fees. If you explain your situation or if there are extenuating circumstances, the lawyer may be willing to work with you for a reduced amount and give you a reasonable payment plan. Be careful not to choose a divorce lawyer based only on price. If you work with an attorney in a large firm that charges a very low fee, you may find that your case does not get the personal attention you need. Paying a little bit more for a good divorce lawyer will be worth it when you have someone who is fighting for your rights in the courtroom and helping you move on with your life.

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