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Columbus Ohio Divorce Lawyer

Few things in life can cause more confusion, distress, and feelings of helplessness than undergoing a divorce.  Whether you've brought up a separation with your partner or whether you've been blindsided by an unhappy spouse, the services of a Columbus Ohio Divorce Lawyer will help you to end your marriage favorably.  Without an attorney on your side, you run the risk of losing your possessions, your hard-earned savings, and most importantly of all -- your family.

Expert Advice

The legal system is not designed with the average person in mind.  Anyone attempting to pursue a divorce on their own faces the prospect of a spiderweb of loopholes and by-laws that can confuse a case at best and impair it at worst.  Columbus Ohio Divorce Lawyers understand the letter of the law backwards and forwards, allowing them to prepare a strategy for their clients that will hold up in court without any complications.  The state of Ohio's legal structure regarding divorce does not entail a split of assets; any partner in a marriage that's either seeking a fair split or their own share of the property will need an attorney on their side in order to get a beneficial ruling.

Accounts and Accounting

The assets that a couple bring to a marriage will be at risk the instant that one party initiates a divorce.  In the event that one partner becomes vindictive or dishonest regarding the martial possessions and assets, the other will be unable to present a clear and compelling case to a judge.  An experienced attorney will be able to argue on behalf of their client's assets and holdings so that the divorce does not rob them of their hard-earned property.  What's more, an attorney can negotiate or mediate with the other partner in order to reduce the risk of loss before the case ever comes to court.

Family Planning

Relying on a judge to determine custody of children in a marriage represents a tremendously risky strategy in a divorce settlement.  The clients of a skilled divorce attorney will have the certainty and the comfort of an advocate capable of arguing for custody of children, rather than hoping a judge will side with them against the other parent.  The inability to win custody of a child in the initial divorce proceedings may affect a parent for the rest of their lives, minimizing or even eliminating their chances to maintain their family.  Hiring a Columbus Ohio Divorce Lawyer ensures that your fight to gain legal custody of children will not go unrecognized.

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