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Divorce Attorney San Antonio Texas

One of the main reasons that people may need a lawyer today is divorce. With divorce growing ever more common in today's society, most people facing the end of their marriage now realize that they need a Divorce Attorney San Antonio Texas. There are several different ways that a divorce lawyer can help .

Creating the Divorce Petition

One of the first, and most important, jobs that a Divorce Attorney San Antonio Texas will do is to create the divorce petition for their client. The divorce petition must adhere to the guidelines set forth by the lawmakers in the state of Texas, which means that sufficient grounds must be demonstrated. A divorce lawyer will help their client choose the divorce grounds that are most applicable to their particular case.

The grounds for divorce in the state of Texas include:

Insupportable: This essentially refers to a personality conflict that prevents the marriage from surviving

Living Apart: If spouses have lived separately for a continuous period of three years, they have grounds for divorce.

Mental Disorder: If one spouse is confined to a mental hospital for a minimum of three years, grounds for divorce have been established as long as the mental problem is significant enough that it is unlikely to be resolved.

Cruelty: Any type of cruelty is grounds for divorce in Texas.

Abandonment: If a spouse has abandoned their partner for a minimum of one year, grounds for divorce have been established.

Adultery: If adultery can be proved, grounds for divorce are established.

Felony Conviction: If a spouse if convicted of a felony crime while married, the other spouse has grounds to file for divorce.

The divorce attorney will work with the client to choose between multiple grounds for divorce when more than one of the above grounds applies.


In many cases, a Divorce Attorney San Antonio Texas may act as a negotiator. It is rare for a divorce to go completely smoothly from start to finish. There are almost always some disputes over property, support, custody of children, or other matters.

A divorce does not necessarily have to be settled by the judge. If both parties can come to an agreement about things like property division before court, the judge can simply approve the divorce without having to spend a great deal of time hearing the case. The lawyer can negotiate with the other spouse (or with their attorney) to arrive at a fair deal for everyone.

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