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Divorce for Women

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Divorce for Women

Getting a divorce can be one of the most emotionally, physically and mentally taxing things you will ever do. Divorce for women can be especially difficult because we tend to be the more emotionally invested party, which can make the whole process hurtful. It is imperative that you go into the process with a thorough understanding of each step that you are taking. With the help of your divorce lawyer, you should plan ahead so that there are no surprises.  
Begin with your financial records. Divorce for women who are stay-at-home mothers who do not work outside the home can be especially complicated because you may not have as much information about your financial situation as your spouse. Gather all your tax returns from the last three years, as well as your bank and credit card statements. Make copies of all the paperwork pertaining to your assets, both those that are joint and those in your name only. Note down all account numbers. Find out your credit score and open a checking account that is only yours.
Divorce for women with children can also be extra-stressful because custody agreements provide new opportunities for conflict with your spouse. If you and your spouse cannot agree on a custody situation, the courts will help make arrangements. A judge will examine who has primarily parented the children, who can provide for the children and the lifestyles of both parents in order to come to a decision. If you have any pertinent records that could help you state your case (like phone records or a credit card statement), gather them as soon as possible.
It is also important to manage your emotions throughout the divorce process. Resist the temptation to be spiteful or petty, or to take revenge on your spouse for wrongs. If your spouse is hostile, communicate only through your lawyer, if possible. When you leave the marital home, do not destroy or remove his belongings, as tempting as it may be to do so. Consider getting counseling to help you deal with the situation. Remember that such tactics as trying to get your spouse in trouble at work, cutting of utilities to the home after you have left, or interfering with your spouse new relationship will make you look like the smaller person in court. There can also be legal ramifications, should your spouse decide to retaliate.
The most essential piece of successfully navigating a divorce is to have the best possible legal counsel. A divorce is a multi-faceted legal affair, especially when it is a divorce for women with children, joint assets, or one in need of spousal support. Please visit for more information.