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Fairfax Virginia Family Attorney Divorce and Custody

A divorce lawyer in Fairfax Virginia couples can trust is imperative in the event they find their marriage on rocky grounds and they have decided to get a divorce.  A divorce is a raw, emotional, and traumatic time in a personÂs life, and this is never truer than if children are involved, so having an attorney that will look out for a clients best interest.  A divorce lawyer in Fairfax Virginia couples can trust will help guarantee an equitable distribution of assets and debts, as well as determining what the best division of parental responsibilities for the welfare of the child.

The Benefits of a Divorce Attorney in Fairfax Virginia Couples Can Trust

Beyond the emotional trauma wrought by divorce proceedings, legally separating two lives can be a complicated matter, so having a qualified divorce attorney by their side ensures that all a persons rights are respected, and their obligations are duly explained and noted by competent legal counsel.  Oftentimes, fully exercising the rights that are afforded them in a divorce proceedings are predicated on timely submission and execution of court documents.  A trained divorce attorney can help couples maneuver through the complicated process of getting a divorce in the Fairfax area.

Legal Ground for Divorce in Virginia

There are seven grounds for divorce in the state with most of those calling for a finding of fault on the part of one spouse or another.  One ground, in support-ability, is used most often and is considered a no-fault grounds for dissolution of marriage.  A member of the Virginia can help spouses navigate the grounds that include:

In-Support-ability as mentioned, this is the grounds for divorce used most often, and  is granted when a marriage is in-supportable owing to discord between the spouses or conflict of personalities.



Commitment of Felony Âthat leads to the incarceration of one spouse, potentially a federal penitentiary, or a prison within another state.

Abandonment for at least a year.

Have not cohabited for at least three years

One of the spouses has been committed to a mental hospital for at least three years without any prospect of recovery.

As a community property state, the courtÂs jurisdiction the authority to divide marital property in a fair and equitable manner that is fair to both parties in the divorce suit, and a Fairfax Virginia can help assure those results.

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