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File Divorce in Sacramento

If you are considering filing for a divorce, you have probably been thinking about hiring an attorney. When you are ready to file divorce in Sacramento, your attorney will do much more than just fill out a few papers and go with you to the courthouse to talk to a judge.

Your attorney does many things for you as you prepare to file and as the case progresses. A divorce attorney will naturally prepare and file legal documents related to the dissolution of your marriage. In addition, he is responsible for conducting or supervising legal research, talking with your spouse and opposing lawyers about settlements, consulting with colleagues and examining laws that relate to your particular case.

Your divorce attorney will act as your counselor and advisor regarding many important issues. An experienced family law attorney can work with you toward the most advantageous settlements surrounding the areas listed below.

Custody and Visitation

If there are children, your attorney will work to get you a child support order that is financially adequate to provide for your children. He will also help arrange for visitation and custody terms that ensure the children see both parents. Coordinating vacations, holiday visits and work schedules are important for most parents. It is easier for children to adjust if they can continue attending the same schools and live in the same neighborhood.

Spousal Support and Alimony

When you file divorce in Sacramento, determining how much alimony is awarded and how long it will continue depends on numerous factors. Your attorney will discuss the parameters with you that affect the award. In California, the courts consider how long you were married, the age of both parties, whether or not you plan to remarry or cohabitate and a number of other influencing factors.

Division of Property

Since California is a community property state, all debt and assets will be divided equally between the spouses. Your attorney may work with you to reach a settlement and encourage you to sign a Marital Settlement Agreement when you file divorce in Sacramento. The attorney will want to evaluate all marital holdings to determine an appropriate value before he drafts an agreement. If you cannot reach an agreement with your spouse, the court may issue a settlement order.

Even if you expect your divorce to be amicable, hiring an attorney is still the best approach. Sometimes it is necessary to go back to court to request changes in child support orders, visitation schedules and modifications to spousal support terms. If you have an attorney that is familiar with the original divorce documents, your case will be easier to prepare and the attorney will probably have to spend less time drafting documents and researching supporting information to justify your petition.

When you are ready to file divorce in Sacramento, look for an attorney that has experience in all matters of family law. Dissolving the marriage is only one part of a divorce case. Your attorney is a vital resource during challenging circumstances.