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Florida: Immediate Help Miami Divorce Lawyer

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Florida: Immediate Help Miami Divorce Lawyer

According to a recent Huffington Post article regarding divorce rates in the United States, the state you call home may have a big impact on whether or not you might be more likely to file for divorce.  Indeed, within the Sunshine State itself, Florida cities claimed fully half of the Top 10 Cities for DivorceÃÂ on the list.

That being said, getting divorced is always a rough time in life, and that is true whether the separation is contested or amiable, so having a divorce lawyer in Miami couples can rely on to help through the transition from married to single life is critically needed support.  Dissolution of a marriage is a traumatic experience for both the couple and their children, and emotional spouses do not always understand their legal rights and obligations.

Florida Divorce Law

Like many states, Florida has gotten rid of faultÃÂ as grounds for divorce, or dissolution of marriage, and the only requirement is that one of the parties must prove that the marital union has been irretrievably broken. To file for divorce in the state, one of the parties must prove that there is a divorce to dissolve, have lived in Florida for six months prior to the commencement of divorce proceedings, and file a petition asking for the dissolution of marriage.

Owing to court rules and statutory requirements however, you may lose certain rights permanently if you fail to follow those procedures and protocols.  For that reason, the Florida Bar strongly recommends that you secure legal counsel from a Florida family law attorney. A divorce lawyer in Miami couples can trust is the surest way to make sure that all the details of their divorce is handled according to their wishes.

Division of Assets, Debts, and Establishing a Parenting Plan

Every marriage dissolution is different, and subject to different outcomes due to individual family considerations.  In general, however, typical outcomes in a marriage dissolution petition will look towards an equitable division of marital assets and debts, awarding of child and spousal support, as well as making decisions regarding parental custody, responsibility, and visiting schedules.  Since there is really no one-size-fits all divorce, you will work with your divorce lawyer to find the correct balance for both parties in the proceedings.  A divorce lawyer in Miami couples can rely on is critical to the smooth dissolution to your marriage.

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