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Frequently Asked Questions about Divorce

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Frequently Asked Questions about Divorce

Do you qualify for alimony? What's going to happen to your kids? Who gets the house?
Divorce isn't easy. Aside from the obvious pain of separating from your spouse, there are loads of frequently asked questions about divorce that people need to find answers to. Divorce laws vary by state, but here are the answers to some basic FAQ's on divorce:
What exactly is a divorce?
Essentially, it's a process to end the marriage, which could be the result of a variety of circumstances. The spouse who files first is considered the petitioner, while the other is the respondent. Divorces result in legal separation.
Do I have to prove fault for divorce?
All 50 U.S. states are no-fault divorce states. This means that fault doesn't need to be proven and shouldn't be proven in order to get a divorce.
Is a divorce settled in court?
It's estimated that up to 90 percent of divorces are settled outside of court. This would involve both parties coming to a mutual agreement on how to divide the property, custody of children and assets in mediation with their respective lawyer.
What about alimony?
Alimony, which is also known as maintenance; is awarded based on the standard of living the couple lived by throughout the marriage. A determining factor to award alimony for any period of time is whether or not the spouse can reasonably live within his or her needs with the income they earn and whether or not the spouse who is paying the alimony has the means of doing so. Men can be rewarded alimony, too. Keep in mind, however, that if you are divorced and receiving alimony and you should remarry, you will no longer be eligible for alimony.
Are divorces expensive?
Yes, divorces are very expensive. In fact, some couples just choose to separate and not legally terminate their marriage because it's so expensive. Lawyers can cost hundreds of dollars per hour and divorces can be strung out for several months before a decision is made or an agreement is reached. If you do the math, you can see that the costs can be rather steep. And every situation is different.
Is there anything I can do to minimize the cost of my divorce?
Yes. Educate yourself on divorce and divorce laws in your state of residence. Also, you might consider not hiring a divorce lawyer and taking the case yourself, although this isn't typically recommended.
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