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How Can A Boston Divorce Lawyer Help Me

Divorces are emotionally and financially draining affairs. There are many ways a divorce lawyer can help you finalize your divorce. Apart from helping you navigate the family law court system, here are some of the other ways an attorney can help you achieve a positive outcome from your divorce.

Anticipating Legal Issues
During a divorce trial, your attorney will anticipate any legal complications that could arise. A Boston divorce lawyer is skilled in determining whether issues like the division of assets, child custody, or child support will be a challenge. Since every case is different, your lawyer will be able to advise you on what to expect after reviewing your case.

Explaining the Grounds For a Divorce
In every state, there are certain grounds under which one spouse can petition the court to dissolve a marital relationship. The grounds for divorce can either be fault-based like abuse, adultery, or imprisonment or non-fault based. While all states accept a spouse to divorce their partner under no-fault grounds, some states require spouses to first reside separately before the court can dissolve the marriage. A Boston divorce lawyer will explain to you the benefits of requesting the court to dissolve a marriage on fault grounds. This is important when determining the amount of spousal support that will be awarded.

Accounting For Marital Assets
To distribute marital estate properly, your divorce lawyer will ensure that you disclose all your assets. In many relationships, one of the spouses may have been in charge of handling money and the other spouse may be unaware of the coupleâÃÂÃÂs assets and debts. A divorce attorney will help locate assets and liabilities and collect records to ensure the divorce settlement addresses all the possessions.

Formulating a Debt Repayment Plan
In many cases, dealing with family debt is more complicated than dividing assets. Both spouses may be held responsible for debt. However, in some cases, only one spouse is found to be responsible for debt. A Boston divorce lawyer will help determine the best way a spouse can protect themselves from debt caused by the other spouse.

Preparing Divorce Papers
During a divorce settlement, you are required to submit formal papers to the court for approval. A divorce attorney can help you prepare these papers and respond to the other spouses divorce petition.

Negotiating a Settlement
Since divorce proceedings can be lengthy and costly, most of them are resolved through a settlement. It is especially cheaper to address divorce issues through a settlement if no litigation is required than to go to court.

Summing It Up
If you are facing a divorce, you may be tempted to go through the process alone. However, it is easier to consult a divorce attorney for a favorable outcome. Some of the issues your lawyer will help you with include court representation, child custody, child support, division of marital assets, allocating debt, and negotiating a settlement.

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