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Los Angeles California Divorce Lawyer

For those entering the process of divorce, finding an attorney is crucial for managing the entire divorce proceedings and making sure the best possible situation results from the sometimes long and stressful process. Los Angeles California divorce lawyer who has been practicing family law can help with any divorce case. Before entering the field of family law, practiced business litigation at a firm in Los Angeles. This experience is useful in divorce cases where one or both parties is self-employed. His expertise in the area of business is helpful in complex cases involving the division of business assets. made the switch to becoming a family law attorney because he has a passion for serving clients in the areas of divorce and child custody.

Because divorce is a highly emotional and stressful process, it is always best to seek a qualified attorney for proper representation. A Los Angeles California divorce lawyer can advise on critical issues regarding divorce and child custody. Obtaining an attorney ensures that you will know what to expect during the entire process, making it easier to get through. A marriage that lasted longer will have a higher number of assets that will need to be properly divided. Without adequate representation, these assets may divided unfairly, or you could end up with a less than favorable settlement. Because California is a community property state, all property obtained within the duration of the marriage will be subject to review under a divorce. This includes all real estate, any vehicles, investment accounts and other types of property.

Usually, it is best to come to an agreement outside of court when it comes to child support or spousal support. A Los Angeles California divorce lawyer can protect your interests and ensure the best possible outcome for settlements outside of court but will be ready in the event that the case must go to trial. Making sure each client receives the most favorable settlement possible through divorce proceedings. If you have already gone trough the divorce process and feel that you want to try and modify the terms of child custody or any other aspect of the divorce, qualified to help you get what you deserve.

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