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Miami Divorce Attorney

You might have thought that your love for your spouse would be everlasting. Unfortunately, the love didn't last as you find yourself just another divorce statistic with you and your spouse deciding to part ways. Yet while it is easy to agree with your spouse that being apart is better than being together, it may not be so easy to decide on what property and possessions each person can take with them at this separation.

A Miami Divorce Attorney Can Help Ease The Burdens Of The Divorce Process

Florida has different divorce rules from other states, as you need a competent Miami divorce attorney knowledgeable in the laws of this state. Although there are only a few steps you need to take to file for a divorce, it can feel like a complicated process when you are dealing with your emotions of anger, resentment and depression. You don't want to make any mistakes where the dissolution of your divorce does not happen.

One particular rule for people divorcing in Miami is that your spouse must be a Florida resident for a minimum 6 months to file a divorce. This allows for the proper filing of the divorce documents in the county where you presently reside or where the couple resided prior. Since Florida is a no-fault state, your spouse can claim that the circumstance for your marriage was that it was irrevocably broken, as a detailed, accusatory explanation can cause hard feelings between you and your spouse.

Benefits Of Using A Divorce Attorney

One particular divorce law in the state of Florida is that the spouse must be informed in person of the coming divorce action. If you had to deal with verbal or physical abuse during the marriage, you may not want to be the person to notify your spouse. Hiring a Miami divorce attorney allows you to have someone with you when personally notifying your spouse. The attorney may also suggest other ways for your spouse to be notified of the divorce that falls within the state's laws.

Your attorney can also help you in other matters. They can inform you of your rights in regards to child custody, division of property and dividing business assets if you are business partners with your spouse. In addition, a good attorney can go over the divorce documents as you are coming to agreements with your spouse over dividing the property and possessions. The attorney can ensure all your best interests are being addressed so that you get all the things you deserve.

Find A Divorce Attorney In The Miami Area

Never just settle for the first divorce attorney you find in the phone book. Research every single lawyer you talk with to ensure they are capable of handling your particular case. You should also seek a divorce attorney whose fees fit into your particular budget. This will allow you to have a quick and hopefully painless divorce proceeding.

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