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Questions To Ask Your Riverside Divorce Lawyer

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Questions To Ask Your Riverside Divorce Lawyer

Getting a divorce can be a very stressful process if you don't have the right lawyer to represent you. A Riverside divorce lawyer can outline the divorce process, and discuss basic options with you at an initial consultation. What questions should you be asking your Riverside divorce lawyer at your initial meeting?

What experience do you have practicing divorce law? It's good to know if your attorney has actual trial experience, as well as experience in negotiating and drafting pleadings, separation agreements. and court orders. It's also helpful if the Riverside divorce lawyer knows the local rules, the judges, and the opposing lawyers

What steps should I be taking to protect myself at this stage?  What should you be doing with joint financial accounts or credit accounts? Should you be paying alimony or child support? Failure to pay temporary alimony (PSS) or appropriate temporary child support greatly increases the odds that you'll be  ordered to pay a large amount for your spouse's attorney fees. A Riverside divorce lawyer can help you to protect your financial future and minimize your risks. For example, a restraining order can stop your spouse from spending or hiding assets or money as well.

When you and your spouse have not been able to privately agree on who will retain custody of the children, your lawyer will instruct you on what factors are most important to your State's judges when they decide which parent will be awarded custody.

Can you give me an idea of how much the divorce case will cost? Obviously, an exact quote is not possible, but a Riverside divorce lawyer can give you a range of fees that cases similar to yours have cost. This is the time to talk payment options and the attorney's fee structure. Will they be billing you for every hour spent on the case, including time spent answering your questions?

Your divorce attorney will know if there are any special State procedures for divorce filing. They should give an estimate of how much time will be necessary to complete your divorce, depending on the complexity of your case

This is the time to discuss any questions specifically related to your case. It's a good idea to write down these questions before the consultation so you won't forget them. Make notes concerning your meeting and any information that you receive

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