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Scottsdale Divorce Lawyer

A Scottsdale Divorce Lawyer is looked upon as being a family law specialist, due to the unique education, experience, and training required by the state of Arizona. Ending a marriage is the toughest decision two people can make. A divorce is the end of one relationship, and the beginning of a new one.

Complex Issues In a Divorce

Families have to deal with legal guardianship, paternity, child support, alimony, child custody, and visitation rights. A Scottsdale Divorce Lawyer deals with all these aspects of a divorce on a regular basis, and can often negotiate marriage contracts, prenuptial agreements and divorce modification forms, without going to court.

Not every divorce is as simple as signing on the dotted line. In fact, every divorce is different and requires a different, yet, sensitive approach towards reaching a mutual agreement. A divorce attorney is skilled and experienced in handling difficult, and complex divorce cases. However, some divorces are underlined with criminal offenses, which an experienced Scottsdale Divorce Lawyer is capable of dissolving in a professional and legal manner.

No Fault Divorce Verse Covenant Divorce

In Arizona, either spouse has to prove blame or responsibility to end a marriage. The court™s only concern is that the marriage irretrievable broken and cannot be fixed. Irretrievably means that there is no chance for a reconciliation, and hopes of saving the marriage. However, couples ending a Covenant marriage cannot receive a divorce unless a spouse can prove physical, mental or substance abuse, adultery, or abandonment, or unless both parties agree to end the marriage.

Community Property Vs Separate Property

If property is involved, an attorney can assist with terms likeœcommunity property verses separate property, and how owning property before and during the marriage can affect the outcome of the divorce. Unless the property was purchased prior to the marriage the property is considered to be community property. However, gifts and inheritances received during the marriage are considered separate property.

A Scottsdale Divorce Lawyer can answer the tough questions, concerning the two types of property, and how they should be divided.


Other family issues surrounding a divorce can be complex and time consuming. The attorney might ask both parties to agree to an alternative solution, in lieu of going to court. If a mutual agreement can be reached between both parties, the Scottsdale Divorce Lawyer can draw up the paperwork, get the required signature, and file the petition in the Arizona court system.

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