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Sherman Oaks Divorce Lawyer

If you're involved in a divorce proceeding, or expect that you may be soon, and you're asking yourself whether or not to hire a Sherman Oaks Divorce Lawyer it may be tempting to take the seemingly cheaper route and forgo legal representation altogether. If your divorce is an amenable one, and you are certain your spouse, or ex-spouse, will not attempt to take more than his or her fair share of the marital property- then not hiring an attorney may be a reasonable choice. If, however, you have any reason to think your former partner intends to initiate a hostile divorce and attempt to take as much as possible, chances are, you need an attorney to represent you.

The Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

1. Create a Clear & Binding Agreement

While the court will review your divorce documents, it may not understand any number of fine points about your case. It is exceedingly difficult to get a judge to listen to drawn out narratives without the presence of a lawyer who knows how to present personal material in as timely and logical a way as possible.

2. Reduce & Avoid Delays

As a lay person, there are many procedural details that can be easy to miss the first time around when filing documents, making requests, or doing practically anything with the court. Employees at the courthouse can be exceedingly impatient with the public and may refuse to offer anything in the way of helpful advice. An attorney can take care of all this busy work for you.

3. Avoid Mistakes

The legal system is extremely complicated, and people going through a divorce are usually in a high state of emotional distress. In such a state it can be very easy to make critical errors that may cost you everything. A divorce attorney is impartial, and will be able to guide you through the process in a way that supports your interests.

4. Reduce Emotional Distress

On top of the need to protect one's assets and future- sometimes even personal freedom- those going through divorce proceedings are likely to be going through a period of mourning. A divorce is one of the major indicators for dangerous levels of stress in people. An attorney can help to put some distance between you and the unpleasantness.

5. Ensure You're Getting Your Fair Share

A critical part of surviving a divorce is deciding how to divide property and other assets equitably. Hire a local Sherman Oaks divorce attorney to consult you on important divorce settlement procedures.

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