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Texas Divorce Lawyer

The proceedings can become complicated in Texas if you are seeking a divorce and share assets or children; however, if there is no property, children, or requests for financial maintenance, a simple uncontested divorce can be granted by a judge. Either way, you should consider seeking the advice of a Texas divorce lawyer who can keep your best interests at the forefront of the divorce proceedings.
A divorce process begins with filing an Original Petition for Divorce. It must be filed in the county in which you reside. Once the paperwork is processed, the spouse will be served with a copy of the document. This service is performed by a deputy or constable who will hand the petition to your spouse. The spouse can obtain his own Texas divorce lawyer for advice.  
Either party may request a Standing Order or Temporary Restraining Order to prevent any harassment or disbursement of property before the divorce is granted. If temporary orders are being sought by a spouse, a Texas divorce lawyer can obtain a court date for a hearing to decide several matters before the divorce is final. A hearing is usually scheduled within days of the request. If you share property or children, you may be able to reach an agreement without a hearing, but if you are requesting spousal or child support during the divorce process, a Financial Information Statement will be requested by the court to determine the ability and the amount to be paid.
Now that both parties are aware of a pending divorce and temporary hearings have been decided, your Texas divorce lawyer will guide you through what is known as Discovery. This is a time when each lawyer will request certain information from the other regarding assets, such as businesses or real estate. Bank records may be requested, as well as deeds, titles, and credit card statements. This may be informal and already agreed on by the divorcing parties. If not, it could take several weeks.
Once financial information has been exchanged and obtained by your Texas divorce lawyer, negotiation or mediation will begin in an effort to reach a financial settlement between the two parties. If an agreement cannot be reached on assets, debts, or child support, the case could be set for trial. The court will hear all of the information that has been recorded and you or your spouse may be asked to testify. A judge will normally make a ruling and grant the divorce at the same time.
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