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The Right Choice: Local Divorce Lawyer in St Louis

Although 90 percent of Americans will marry by the age of 50, the American Psychological Association reports that 40 to 50 percent of these marriages end in divorce. Unfortunately, that figure is even higher for people on their second or third marriage. Couples split for myriad reasons, but lack of commitment, too much arguing, and infidelity rank among the most commonly cited issues leading to divorce. Whatever the reasons, divorce and separation rank among the top three most stressful life events. An experienced family law attorney can help tremendously with some aspects of this difficult process.

Do You Need an Attorney?

In very rare cases, it is possible to have a smooth divorce without hiring an attorney. If there are no children, no shared property, no contested issues, and you and your soon-to-be-ex have hammered out an amicable agreement, you may be able to work with a divorce mediator and file the paperwork yourself. However, this situation is certainly the exception and not the rule. If there is abuse, infidelity, or dishonesty, you need a divorce lawyer to protect your interests. If there are children and custody is not cut-and-dry, or if there is property that might be contested, you should get an attorney. Finally, if your spouse has hired an attorney, you should definitely lawyer up.  A divorce lawyer in St Louis can provide a consultation and help you decide whether legal representation will be beneficial in your case.

Divorce Lawyer in St Louis

Working with a professional is a good idea for several reasons. Divorce is a highly emotional experience, and this tense situation can cloud the judgement of all parties involved. Without an emotionally neutral third party to assist you, you may find yourself agreeing to concessions that you will regret once the smoke clears. A quality attorney can prevent you from making uninformed decisions. A divorce lawyer helps you reach a settlement, protects your rights, and navigates confusing issues like child custody laws. Many people also find tremendous psychological support in having an experienced pro in your corner. Divorce attorneys understand all the legal paperwork that can be overwhelming to the layperson, and using lawyers speeds up the divorce process. If you are in need of a divorce lawyer in St Louis, contact a family law firm today to learn more.

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