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What Is A No-Fault Divorce

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What Is A No-Fault Divorce

Are you struggling through a marriage that does not seem to be going anywhere? Are you contemplating filing for a divorce, but you are not sure how it works?  If you have been asking yourself, what is a no-fault divorce; there are answers to help guide you along the process of divorce.  We will give you the information you need to help explain the age-old topic, what is a no-fault divorce?
What is a no-fault divorce?
What constitutes a no-fault divorce is when the marriage is allowed to be dissolved, without requiring either party to give any proof of wrong-doing.  Neither party is required to provide evidence that there has been anything done wrong, during the course of the marriage.  Family courts will be able to grant the divorce just as the petitioner requested.  The person who filed for the divorce will not have to give any evidence that proves a break of the marital contract; instead the judge will grant their request based on the petition alone.  The only downfall to this type of divorce is that there is no option for the other party to object to the divorce taking place.  If the other party wishes to remain married, there is really no option for them to choose because the divorce will go through even if they do not agree.
What exactly does no-fault do for me?
No-fault divorce allows you the ability to be able to get out of a harmful marriage, without having to feel trapped in a dead-end situation.  If you want out of your marriage for any reason, you can have exactly that.  You will be able to walk away without a struggle from the judge.  Years ago you were required to have a reason, and evidence, of why you needed the divorce.  They changed the laws across the United States; back in 1983 almost all of the states had adopted this new law and put it into practice.  It was not until 2010 that every state had adopted the no-fault law and put it into effect.   
Even though there are still some people who disagree with the no-fault divorce, there is little that can be done to go against it right now.  It is something that was meant to give people a way out, without having to go through a lot of hassles and headaches.  Now, you can get out of a lousy marriage without having to feel trapped and helpless. Contact Your Local Divorce Lawyer Today.