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What is an Annulment

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What is an Annulment

What is an annulment? Not to be confused with a divorce, which is the termination of a marriage that both parties involved entered into honestly, an annulment is the null of a marriage that, according to one or both parties, should not have taken place in the first place. Like a divorce, an annulment is a court ordered dissolution of a marriage, but instead of wearing the title of divorced at the end of the procedure; the annulled couple wears no title because, according to law, the marriage never happened.
Qualifying for an Annulment:
Before an annulment is granted to the married couple, they have to prove that they qualify for one. Failure to prove at least one of the many lawful reasons may result in the couple having to file for a divorce.  While laws vary state to state, and qualifying for annulment may be based on state laws, below are some evergreen reasons that grant dissolution by annulment:
Fraud: One partner misrepresented himself or herself in some way
Under the Influence: When the joining of the marriage took place either one or both individuals joining was under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Deception: One spouse deceived or tricked the other spouse in order to marry
Age:  One partner is not of legal age to get married
Not willing to Consummate: Unwilling to consummate the marriage
How to Obtain an Annulment:
The question of what is an annulment and how to qualify for one has been answered, so now we will discuss how to obtain one. Hiring an lawyer or seeking legal counsel for the case is recommended in order to avoid unnecessary delays or denials. And, once the appropriate paperwork is completed and the proof of qualifying is in order, the court will grant the married couple with conclusion of marriage by annulment.
Why choose an Annulment:
While both an annulment and a divorce have the same end result, with an annulment the couple does not carry the weight or stigma of a divorce couple. Nullity means low quarrel about child or pet custody and division of assets, it also means no rights for spousal support and a complete fresh start for both parties involved. So, if the married couple is deemed worthy for an annulment, then that is the option they should take. For more information on annulment versus divorce and to get general information on both visit the experts at