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What Is The Best Way To Avoid a Divorce

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What Is The Best Way To Avoid a Divorce

According to most comedians, the funny answer to this question is "Don't Get Married!" However, for people in love, who want the benefits of being married, who appreciate the qualities of companionship, shared responsibilities, family and other values that marriage promises, getting married is a natural and desirable prospect. Unfortunately, after marriage, many people feel that a divorce is their only solution to the trials and tribulations that marriage entails.

Divorce can be a very expensive, challenging and even messy prospect, especially when children and property are involved. While the initial decision to no longer live together may have been reached, every other aspect of the divorce process can take years to unravel, cause a lot of heartaches and headaches and cost thousands of dollars in legal fees. There are ways to avoid this kind of mess and there are even ways to re-create the loving, caring relationship the married couple had to begin with. In terms of avoiding a divorce, there are solutions.

- Resolving marital conflicts with counseling. Whether the couple accepts counseling from psychologist/psychiatrists, professional marriage counselors or even their preachers/priests, counseling can very well resolve the issues that have led to the issue of divorce in the first place. Many conflicts can be resolved and relationships can be rekindled successfully through the counseling process.

- Maintaining separate households (aka living apart together). While this doesn't resolve interpersonal conflicts, many couples can come to an amicable situation that converts the marriage from a loving relationship into a business relationship. This can be especially beneficial when there is a large amount of property involved and the couple can remove most of the emotion from the equation. Working with a good divorce attorney can help mediate a potential divorce situation into a business situation everyone can live with.

- Don't get married. While this may seem like a funny answer on the outside, when you take a closer look at it, there are benefits to not getting married at all. This solution means maintaining separate bank accounts, dividing expenses in an equitable manner and, while a loving, caring relationship still exists, many of the entanglements of getting married are completely avoided. Bear in mind that in some states, cohabitation for an extended period of time (i.e. 7 years) may impart additional legal ramifications, those ramifications still aren't as complex as getting a divorce. In some respects, a domestic partnership like this has many of the benefits of marriage (intimacy, companionship, etc.) while avoiding legal entanglements that make divorce so difficult (dividing property, etc.).

Granted, getting married is a huge decision and many people feel like it could well be the defining decision of their lives. However, getting a divorce is an even bigger decision and with the legal problems, emotional situations and lingering ramifications stemming from a divorce, not getting one could be the best decision you could ever make. Even though the ultimate decision is yours, working with a good divorce lawyer will help you come to the best solution possible for your situation. Contact Your Divorce Attorney Today And Get The Help You Need.