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What Makes a Good Divorce Lawyer

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What Makes a Good Divorce Lawyer

Has it come time for you and your partner to split ways? If so, and regardless of how difficult it may be to think of right now, it is important that you find a good divorce lawyer. Sure, all lawyers have gone through law school, developed a certain level of understanding that allowed them to graduate and have received their license after passing the bar. However, that does not mean that they are good at what they do.  Below, you will find a list of things that you should consider and ask yourself when you are on the prowl for a good divorce lawyer.
Specialization; You want to find a lawyer that specializes in divorce and/or family law. A lawyer who specializes in bankruptcy or personal injury is not going to be the best choice for your case. A lawyer who specializes in divorce will have more experience in the divorce area and will have a greater understanding of the situation at large. To ensure that you are not getting a jack-of-all-trades, request proof from the potential divorce lawyer of his previous experience in divorce proceedings.
Experience; You want to find a divorce lawyer that has experience so that you can get the best deal possible especially if you want to fight your spouse for everything. You need a good divorce lawyer that graduated near the top of his class and has excellent negotiation skills; as they will be needed in the courtroom and you sure do not want a lawyer that is going to back down the minute things get rough. While a new kid on the block may be just fine in most circumstances, unless he has a worthy mentor that is available when needed, it would be better to stick to a good divorce lawyer that has been in practice and in the courtroom for a few years.
Success Inside and Outside of the Courtroom; Not all cases have to go to court, but when they do, you want to ensure that you have a good divorce lawyer that is not going to run away when the going gets tough. The same is true if the case does not have to go to court. You need a lawyer that can get rough in the mediation room if needed, which could keep the case from going in front of a judge. A track record of proven success in and out of the courtroom is beneficial to the success of your divorce.
Staff; Does your potential lawyer have a staff under his wing? A good divorce lawyer is going to have at least a secretary to help him handle his calls and maintain legal paperwork. If there is no staff present, this lawyer does not shape up.
Personality; While the personality of your lawyer is not going to make or break your case entirely, it is nice to have a good divorce lawyer that is also sociable. After all, communication between your lawyer and yourself is going to be constant, so a good understanding of one another and the ability to easily be around each other without wanting to strangle each others necks (probably like you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse) is crucial. In addition, a good divorce lawyer has excellent interpersonal skills, which means he is more likely to get along with the other individuals that will be involved in your divorce including but not limited to the court judge.
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