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Why Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer

If you and your spouse have decided to file for divorce, a emotionally exhausting and sometimes lengthy process lies ahead. Although most courts make it easy for married couples to file for and execute a divorce without legal representation, the question of why do I need a divorce lawyer, is best explained by the possible complications of the divorce process.
In a perfect world, couples are able to work out their differences, divide assets equally, arrange child custody and tie up other loose ends amicably and quickly. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Divorcing couples almost always combat one another over how to split up their shared lives. Whether it is the house, valued belongings, child custody and visitation rights, or all of these and other issues, divorce lawyers can help mediate this process, guide your decision-making and advocate for you with your spouse's representation and in front of a judge.
Another answer to the question of why do I need a divorce lawyer, is that as a divorcing spouse, many of your actions throughout the divorce process can be scrutinized by your spouse's lawyers and by the judge overseeing your case. This means you're spending your lifestyle habits and even how you interact with your spouse could affect the proceedings of your case. A divorce lawyer can be very helpful in this regard by outlining how you should conduct yourself. If necessary, your divorce lawyer can serve as the sole line of communication between you and your spouse's legal team. This protects you from making costly errors throughout the process that might otherwise damage your interests throughout the divorce proceedings.
A final answer for why do I need a divorce lawyer is that, as a divorcing couples, all of your assets and custody rights are in flux. Depending on what state you live in, you may be guaranteed a minimum amount of assets not equal to what you are owed or could earn through the divorce proceedings. Divorce lawyers are able to assess your situation, take your personal interests and preferences into consideration, and work with your spouse's legal representation to come to an agreeable set of terms. This can often become a bargaining process that takes time to play out, and divorce lawyers are experienced in managing this process and maximizing their clients' gains.
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