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Will a Divorce Attorney be Expensive

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Will a Divorce Attorney be Expensive

If a divorce from your spouse is in your future, make sure you hire an attorney whose expertise is divorce. It is impossible to say if the lawyer you chose is going to be expensive due to individual circumstances, including finances, homes, debt, assets, investments, children, and more.

If separation is an issue and you want to proceed with a divorce, do you know where your spouse is? If you and your spouse separated some time ago and you do not know where your spouse is, the cost of the divorce becomes expensive.

Many different issues can contribute to couples seeking a divorce, and the lawyer takes all of this into consideration regarding charges. Each issue demands a great deal of time to find the best solution in the divorce. Court time for the divorce is a consideration toward expense. Your divorce can be complicated or simple.

Before you hire an attorney, make sure you understand their charges for services rendered through the initial consult. While some lawyers charge a flat fee for services rendered, other lawyers ask for a retainer fee, in addition to an hourly fee.

Some lawyers charging a retainer fee, means you will pay services in advance. Contingent fees are not accepted in a divorce proceeding. Contingent fees mean that your lawyer accepts no payment in advance. When the court awards your money to you, than your lawyer takes a percentage from the money you won in your case.

Your financial situation could keep you from hiring a divorce attorney. If your spouse earns a generous wage, the court may decide that he or she pay for your attorney fees. If the husband or wife are lower income and cannot afford legal counsel there are Pro Bona divorce lawyers, but you will have to do some research. Pro Bono means that the attorney will complete your divorce free.

You may be able to find an attorney through a federal program. You can also research your state's bar association. This association may research your financial need for free legal services.

You can proceed with the divorce without hiring a lawyer when you and your spouse are in agreement with all facets of the divorce, including alimony and children. You or your spouse will need to contact a divorce attorney to help you file the petition for divorce in the appropriate manner. Not all states allow divorce proceedings without an attorney, so you must check with your state laws. This may not be the best option unless you are sure you know your rights and options.

Most people seeking a divorce are not prepared to know all the legal pathways without assistance of a divorce attorney. For example, can you and your spouse resolve your issues through mediation? This is the best process for an efficient, quick divorce, compared to litigation in a court room.

* More affordable

* Takes less time

* Not as emotional

If you and your spouse are argumentative and disagreeable, your divorce is going to take more time to complete. It depends on if you and your spouse remain reasonable during the proceedings.

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