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People who are in the process of initiating or proceeding with a divorce are usually in an emotional state. They may feel guilty as the marriage did not work out, despair that they are not loved, afraid of the future, or angry at a spouse who they feel is responsible for the failed marriage. It is a difficult to be making decisions during this emotional time.
That is why anyone who is starting or going through the process of divorce needs a divorce lawyer. Experienced divorce lawyers know their clients are upset and angry and temper their client's reasoning with compassion and a long term view to protect their client's rights.
Many important things need to be decided before a divorce is finalized. The main issues are:
Child custody
Child support
Spousal Support
Division of property
A spouse who feels that a failed marriage is their fault may want to make generous settlements in some or all of the above issues. The spousal guilt is all consuming and only an experienced divorce lawyer can make sure that the full consequences of your decisions are completely understood by you and reinforce that the decisions you make during a break-up can be lifelong. They must be responsible and have your long term interests represented.
Child Custody
Issues that need to be considered are: who will have physical custody of the child?  If custody is to be joint; what child support arrangements will be made? If one parent has full physical custody, is decision making about schooling, health care and the like going to be shared? What about visitation?
Child Support
Child support is a monthly amount of money that an ex-spouse pays to the other spouse until age 18. What about a college fund? Who will take care of medical insurance? Does the child go to private school - who pays tuition? There are tax benefits with child support, who gets to take advantage them?
Spousal Support
Spousal support is determined by many things. What is the work history of each spouse? Was one a stay-at-home parent? If so, how long have they been out of the job market and what is their realistic earning potential. Do they need to return to school to gain job skills?
Division of Property
Who brought what to the marriage?  What did you accumulate together?
Divorce, even amicable ones, requires decisions that impact far into the future. A divorce lawyer handles each case based upon its unique circumstances. When children and money are involved in the end of a marriage, tempers inevitably flair. Using a divorce lawyer to assist you in this very stressful time will protect your rights and help make sure that a settlement you agree to is fair to you/
A divorce lawyer is your ally.
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