The Negatives of Do It Yourself Divorce

Although “do it yourself” has become quite the popular phrase today, there’s some things that are better left to the experts. Things like divorce. That’s right – in a world where everything is DIY, divorce is no exception. But many people are lured by the do it yourself divorce solely for the cost element – and not so much for the end result. And the cost element of do it yourself divorce is inviting – most divorces cost thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of dollars, where a DIY divorce is a fraction of that.

But don’t be too swayed by cost. Here are a few other reasons why a do it yourself divorce isn’t the way to go:

Lack of knowledge: Have you ever been divorced before? Do you have what it takes , both from an emotional and mental standpoint, to handle a divorce without any true legal representation? Getting divorced is no walk in the park, and some things are best left to the experts in how to proceed with such matters.

Property: If you were only married a short time, don’t have any kids and limited property and assets, then a do it yourself divorce might be a good idea. But if there are children involved in your marriage, in addition to a home – or more than one home – and various other assets, do you really trust yourself to divide such assets to make sure you’re not coming out on the short end of the stick? Generally speaking, the more assets, the messier and more complicated the divorce. A messy divorce isn’t something that a lot of people can handle themselves.

Time consuming: When you hire an attorney to represent you in a divorce case, your attorney is your legal representation, who will contact you for input on various issues from time to time. If you represent yourself, you’re committing to spending a ton of time on your own case. A lot of the time, this can distract from your job, your family, your friends and effect your life elsewhere. Hiring a lawyer, conversely, gives you peace of mind. You can go about your normal routine, while committing minimal time to the case.

As you can see, while do it yourself divorces might be right for some people, in general, it’s always recommended that you hire an experienced lawyer to represent your side in such an instance. DIY divorces are fast and cheap, but can be detrimental to your life if you don’t invest the proper amount of time to prepare. Connect with your local Divorce Lawyer today.

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