Should I File For A Divorce

Making the choice to dissolve a marriage should not come without serious consideration to all of the parties involved. Often when two people fall in love, they have a romanticized view of the world and the future. Once the wedding is over and reality sets in, the problems also begin. If the marriage was not built on the fundamentals like trust and communication, filing for a divorce could be the end result.

There are several things to consider before speaking with an attorney about getting out of your marriage. First, you may want to find out if the state you live in has a “fault” or “no fault” policy. If you live in a state with a “fault” policy, you will need to prove that your spouse did something wrong in the marriage and consequently, you want out. In a “no fault” state, you do not have to prove that either spouse did anything wrong, you can state irreconcilable differences. Although, in most cases, there is something seriously wrong in the marriage if the couple is considering dissolving the marriage.

Another consideration is children. In many state there is at least a one year separation period before a couple can file for a divorce. Often children believe they are at fault when parents go their separate ways. Parents need to consider the well being of their children before making a choice to break up the family. On the other hand, sometimes it is best for the children if the parents live apart if there is too much tension in the home for anyone to be happy. Sometimes talking with an attorney can help couples put things into perspective.

Before dissolving your marriage, you should also consider property and how you will separate bills. In some states, couples are required to divide assets and bills equally. A spouse who did not work outside the home throughout the marriage, may have to find a job and join the workforce. A home may need to be sold and a decision will need to be made about who is responsible for the pets. Depending on the atmosphere at home, couples should consider several options before speaking with an attorney about getting out of a marriage.

Most people want to believe in the fairy tale that marriage will have a happily ever after ending. Unfortunately statistics show that a large percentage of marriages fail within the first five years. Once communication is no longer a priority, a marriage can go down hill quickly. Before thinking about filing for a divorce, a couple may want to consider counseling to make sure they have thought about the consequences of dissolving their marriage. If counseling doesn’t work, the next step will be to contact an attorney who specializes in these types of cases and begin the process of filing paperwork. As mentioned earlier, if there are children involved, there may be a required separation period before a final decree can be issued. In the end, make the choice that will make you happy.

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