Why Is Hiring a Divorce Lawyer Important – 2 of 2

One of the main reasons to hire a marriage lawyer is to get your questions answered. The laws vary by state and you need to make sure you understand the requirements and what you will and will not be responsible for in the end . In states with a “no fault” dissolution of marriage, you will not need to drag out all of your spouses “dirty laundry” to prove he or she is the reason the marriage is ending. On the other hand, in states that require you to prove “fault,” you will have to state a specific reason for the end of the marriage like infidelity, abuse, or abandonment. An attorney will be able to help you answer questions.

Another reason to hire an attorney is to make sure all documents are completed and filed with the court correctly. No matter how friendly you are with your soon to be ex-spouse, things can get messy when it comes to dividing property, paying off debt, and deciding who is responsible for pets. Your attorney will work with your spouse’s attorney to make sure each person is represented fairly. In addition, your lawyer will be able to attend certain court meetings in your place so you will not miss work.

The third reason to make sure you have legal representation is to ensure there are no surprises when the final decree is issued. There are a lot of details that are required when filing for a dissolution of marriage and a divorce lawyer is knowledgeable in the requirements and will make sure all of your bases are covered. You do not want to find out after the decree is finalized that you are responsible for more of the debt than you originally thought. Speak honestly with your attorney and your dissolution should go smoothly.

Overall, hiring a divorce lawyer will give you peace of mind and alleviate some of the stress during this difficult time in your life. Ending a marriage is emotional and your attorney will be able to remain neutral and make sure your final decree addresses all of the financial and visitation issues so you can concentrate on beginning a new chapter of your life. Working with an experienced professional will also help ensure your final decree keeps your best interests in mind and protects you from future problems associated with your failed marriage. Before choosing a divorce lawyer, check out references and speak with several people before making your final decision. Once the final decree is issued, focus on creating a better future.

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