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Top Questions To Ask

Your Divorce Lawyer

The decision to get a divorce is rarely an easy one. Retaining an experienced family law attorney is easy if you know the top questions to ask your divorce lawyer. Asking specific questions will provide you with the information you need to proceed. It will also give you peace of mind and a sense of security knowing that your needs will be met.

One of the top questions to ask your divorce lawyer is can you give me an estimate of what the entire process will cost? Many attorneys will ask for a retainer, then so much per hour afterwards. There are several factors that influence cost. Visitation and support of children within the marriage, the amount of property to be divided and whether or not both parties agree on the terms of the divorce. They will also explain any fees incurred during the filing and processing of paperwork.

How long will the process take? This, again, will be contingent on a distinct set of variables, but agreements should be reached in a respectable amount of time. A divorce can last a few months if both parties are agreed on the division of assets and custody of the children. If no agreement can be reached, it may linger on for well over a year or more.

What steps are involved in the divorce process? Your attorney is your guide to the process. He will walk you through the various steps and procedures. Filing the petition, division of property and child custody will be handled according to the law, with a trial date set if needed.

How will you keep me informed about what is going on with my case? A divorce attorney will likely contact you when there is something to report. If a spouse has signed an agreement or has made contact with the court to dispute a matter, the divorce attorney will call you and inform you of recent events.

What am I entitled to? A good divorce attorney will encourage an equitable and fair division of the assets. Insurance policies, investments, material property, bank accounts and 401K's are all considered marital assets and are reported in the divorce case. All liabilities and expenses are recorded as well. Assets and liabilities are regularly divided equally among the partners.