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Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Divorce Lawyer

The end of your marriage is one of the most stressful experiences you will ever go through. Finding a good divorce lawyer will help you to resolve your case in the best way, emotionally and financially. Before you begin to interview divorce attorneys, you should write down everything you would like to discuss about your case. Remember that being open with the lawyer about the details of your situation will give you the best answers to your questions.

These are the top 10 questions to ask your divorce lawyer:

1. What Is Your Experience As a Divorce Attorney? Ask how many years the lawyer has been practicing family law, the number of cases per year, and how most were resolved. You will want an attorney who has a strong background in trying cases, but is also in favor of negotiating out of court for clients. Your lawyer should be familiar with the local courts and know the judges.

2. How Many Cases Similar To Mine Have You Worked On? Ask the lawyer to describe some of these cases, and how they were resolved.

3. What Fees and Expenses Should I Expect? Ask about the attorney’s hourly rate, and if some of her services are covered by a fixed fee. What is the charge for other lawyers or paralegals who may work on your case? The lawyer may want you to pay a retainer first, or may let you pay as you go. Get a breakdown of all of the types of extra expenses that come with a divorce case, such as fees for forensic accountants or psychologists. Ask how often you will receive itemized bills.

4. How Long Will My Divorce Take? Your lawyer should give you an idea of the divorce procedures that you’ll need to budget time for. He can estimate the timeline of your case, although this will be affected by state regulations, how complicated your divorce is, and how cooperative both sides are.

5. What is Your Strategy For My Case? The divorce lawyer can give you some ideas about how your case should be handled, and how a judge might rule on it.

6. How Will I Come Out of My Divorce Financially? The lawyer can explain your state’s laws on how marital assets are divided. Don’t be concerned if the lawyer is reluctant to estimate the total cost of your divorce. That is affected a lot by how much conflict there is between your spouse and you. The best attorneys care about their clients and may be able to advise you about what tasks you can do yourself to keep costs down.

7. What Are My Chances of Getting Custody of My Children? If you and your spouse don’t agree on custody, your attorney should help you to understand the factors that affect how judges decide custody.

8. Who Will Work on My Case Other Than You? Get the attorney to explain who else on his team will be handling parts of your case and how you’ll be billed for each person’s work.

9. Are You in Favor of Mediation? A good attorney is always prepared for a trial but will be willing to work with mediation to help her client resolve the case in the simplest, least expensive ways. Ask how many clients the lawyer has had who used mediation, what style of mediation she prefers, and if there are mediators she recommends.

10. How Will You Communicate With Me? You should expect the attorney to answer phone calls and emails within 24 hours, and keep you fully updated on your case. Ask who else on the staff may be contacting you.

The answers to these questions will help you to find the divorce lawyer who is the best fit for you, and who you can trust to help you and your family to get through this difficult time in the easiest way possible.

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